"Good Vibes Only" by Spittlez

Check out the latest video from Spittlez produced by multi platinum/gold producer Triple A . Shot by We Out Here Entertainment and Edited b Emoe Tvee. In a different light then you've every seen her and with a a cool edm/hiphop mix! Good Vibes Only!!!


My artist name is Spittlez

Tonya Wright B.K.A. Spittlez was born in Chicago, IL. By the age ten she and her family relocated to Sacramento, CA. In the first two years of her living in California she quickly acknowledged her life-long love and decided to pursue music. By exploring her ability in using her words as ear candy, she developed a heart for writing meaningful music. At the age 10, Spittlez was able to transform her emotions into lyrics. But her love goes farther back than 10. Spittlez has always been involved in music in one way or another since a young child. In middle school she was involved in the choir. While in high school she took up dance and started rapping.

By age 12, Spittlez began writing R&B and Hip-Hop songs. But please don’t make the mistake of limiting Ms. Spittlez to R&B and Hip-Hop. She can really cater to any genre in existence. From techno to rock she has an ear for writing a great song. Involved in music now for over a decade, it’s safe to say that Spittlez has more buzz to her name now. She has made songs with various artists locally and nationwide such as Big Omeezy, Turf Talk, The Gatlin, Marvaless, and B-Smoove. Just to name a few.

A young woman with powerful vision her goal is to put female rap music back in its place. As an artist, Spittlez wants to make a point that young girls, as well as grown women, don’t have to sell sex to sell music. Her belief is, “If you posses a great gift and you have a mean hustle/support group behind you, you can make your music be heard. With her passion for music and a background in dance, Spittlez is a rising time bomb.


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Inspirations from experiences in her life have made Spittlez the artist she is today. Artist like Missy Elliot, Indie Arie, Ludacris, Eve, Zhane and Common just to name a few, but not nearly all, have played a part in the foundation of Spittlez.

“But nothing compares to the inspiration I get from The Almighty Jesus Christ,” says the rapper. “And without Him I wouldn’t have been chosen to be blessed with musical talent. Let alone, be very good at it.”

Since 2011, Spittlez has been working under her self made record label, “Spitfire Entertainment.” She has done shows with icons like Keak the Sneak (well-known Bay Area rapper), D.J. Quick, E-40 (Sick Wid It Records/Well known mainstream artist), and Baby Bash (well-known mainstream artist). In the last couple of years, Spittlez has been busy. In January 2011, she dropped the album, “All About the Hustle.” Then in March of 2012, “The Express Package Vol. 1.” A few months later, “The Express Package Vol. 2” was released. “West Coastin” was released in June 2013. Shortly after “All Hail Female Tape” January 2014. Following that the ep “Speakers Blown” was dropped April 2015. Months later the anticipated album “Road Kill” was dropped November 2015. With more albums in the works it’s expected that Spittlez will be that much closer to where she wants to be.


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